Don’t Expect Important Reforms

This post appears in slightly different form as a private social media post. One of the people — at least one — who replied to this tweet (see below) asked if Portia de Rossi reported the incident. She reported it exactly the way she was supposed to report it, and that was made clear in her Twitter post. Immediately after the incident, she called her agent, who was supposed to protect her.  In a better world, the agent would have gone to the police with her.  Instead, the agent gave an inappropriate, sheepish response on the telephone, which made it … Continue reading Don’t Expect Important Reforms

Credibility Issues, But Still a Good Message

I agree completely with what’s said in the message below, and hope the charming, considerate people I often meet — but don’t know very well — agree, too. To be realistic, we don’t always know what’s going on with charming, considerate strangers. But I digress. This video statement doesn’t change the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger has some major, hurtful flaws in his own history. Still, he’s an effective person for conveying an anti-hate message. Some people on the far right listen to the Californicator (Sorry. I couldn’t stop myself from typing that), but they don’t listen to Barack Obama or … Continue reading Credibility Issues, But Still a Good Message