An Afternoon in the Castro District, San Francisco

Today I did some grocery shopping, walking, sightseeing and general farting around in one of my favorite neighborhoods, the Castro in San Francisco. The intersection of Market and Castro is roughly two miles away from my home (confirmation of the exact distance may depend on which app you’re using), but finding fresh produce in an independent store is easier in the Castro than in my neck of the woods.  Good vegies are one of many excuses to visit a neighborhood which is safer than the area right outside my front doorstep. Usually, I get the subway.  Walking used to be … Continue reading An Afternoon in the Castro District, San Francisco

Armistead Maupin Quote

Maybe Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and other right-wing propagandists will dispute this statement.  After all, their books are never shelved in a “Men’s Studies” section.  Poor Bill, Glenn and their pals have to cope when their writing is put on conspicuous display in the front of the store with the bestsellers.  It’s their job to beat. Yes, I’ve thought of Ann Coulter and Nancy Grace.  Let’s not go off-topic. If you want to know who the oppressed minorities in America are, simply look at who gets their own shelf in the bookstore:  A black shelf, a women’s shelf and a … Continue reading Armistead Maupin Quote