Shopping as Instant Gratification in Lieu of Conscience

The end-of-year holidays can be nasty for a lot of reasons, with the some of the most enthusiastic “giving” done by people who would rather not apologize for past hurtful behavior.  They spend money on merchandise that’s going to end up in landfill (or in thrift stores, if we’re lucky), and shortly after making asses of themselves with the presentation they see God in the form of Santa Claus, granting absolution. For many people, the holidays are vulgar, amoral milestones for hiding from one’s conscience — or hiding from the fact that there’s no conscience.  It’s especially horrifying if the … Continue reading Shopping as Instant Gratification in Lieu of Conscience

Roy Moore’s Puppets and What They’re Willing to Say

Here’s something I found on CNN’s site today.  It’s a clip from an interview with Janet Porter, spokesperson for U. S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. We can rage all we want about how thoroughly inappropriate and creepy this video is, but we must also recognize that boundaries in general are ignored by Roy Moore and his minions.  They believe that in an awkward situation (which the candidate created himself, by hurting young girls), outrageous non-sequiturs can promote something resembling morality.  Interpret their banana peel slide behavior any way you want, but it’s their bread and butter.  Given the current scandal, it’s all … Continue reading Roy Moore’s Puppets and What They’re Willing to Say

Beyond Icky

We can argue whether NRA puppet Donald Trump is at his most obnoxious when meeting with gunshot victims.  Just recently, he was throwing rolls of paper towels at people who have been through a hurricane. The truth is, this man is so out of touch with the world — and lacking in empathy — he must think of both as major public relations victories.  His apologists will claim he’s offering real answers, while people with thinking skills on at least a middle school grade level will understand these are sleazy photo ops. Here’s a link to an Associated Press article, reposted on MSN’s site.  … Continue reading Beyond Icky