Apologies (or Just Excuses?) for Yesterday’s Boring Post

Travel writing can get awkward.  That was what happened yesterday.  Sorry ’bout that. In my defense, I was recovering from stress.  The trip home from West Hollywood didn’t go smoothly, and I was exhausted.  In retrospect, some of the incidents were amusing, some understandable and some horrifying. There’s a relatively easy, if time-consuming, way of getting from West Hollywood to the airport in Long Beach.  The process went smoothly, at first. FedExing my larger bag went well.  Everything fit into a small box, and the bag was folded and placed with the other items.  It weighed just under seven pounds … Continue reading Apologies (or Just Excuses?) for Yesterday’s Boring Post

Be Considerate With the Cabin Crew

(At the end of this post, please find a link to an MSN article explaining why serving Diet Coke can test the patience of flight attendants.) Ordering a Diet Coke is the WORST thing you can do to your flight attendant? That may be an overstatement. Okay, in the article the point is well taken. I fly on Jet Blue, where we’re just handed cans and cups with ice. Most of the time, passengers walk to the back of the plane to pick up our snacks and beverages. So, I’ll stay guilt-free on this issue. However, I can recall feeling like kind … Continue reading Be Considerate With the Cabin Crew

Travel Stress

Most of the time, I’ve been fortunate in airports and on airplanes.  Aside from a few individuals at security checkpoints who singled me out for bullying (pre-TSA.  The people in question were not the product of any screening or training) and a reservation bump which was corrected within a couple of hours, I’ve done okay.  I haven’t been subjected to the nightmare abuse or inconveniences we’ve heard about, maybe just because I haven’t traveled often. Okay, on the way home from JFK in May of this year, the plane sat on the tarmac for two and a half hours before … Continue reading Travel Stress

Breaking News: Ann Coulter Steps Into the Real World

In case you haven’t been on social media or reading lightweight news this weekend, you should be informed that Ann Coulter had a problem on a Delta flight. Some news reports suggest she was bumped from the flight altogether, and others say she was forced to change seats when she had her heart set on the extra leg room seat she reserved.  We don’t know the details, but someone should investigate her claim that the wi-fi wasn’t working. Joking aside, the issue isn’t that a self-important news commentator has the proverbial bee in her bonnet.  She’s usually that way.  I’ll … Continue reading Breaking News: Ann Coulter Steps Into the Real World