Teen Suicide Screening

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  This blog post expresses an opinion based on personal experience. A link to ABC affiliate KXXV-TV’s report on an American Academy Of Pediatrics recommendation appears at the end of this post.  The story is reposted on CNN’s site.  I couldn’t get either video to play, but maybe you’ll be able to watch the reports.  At the very least, please read the text. The story includes statements from a man whose son committed suicide.  I’ll never understand the agony this parent has been through, mainly because I don’t have children and no one … Continue reading Teen Suicide Screening

Now I’m Angry

Fran Lebowitz once wrote that she preferred the company of a mere child over that of a mere adult. Mere adults are trouble, especially for kids.  Often, the problem is lack of empathy.  Most adults have conveniently forgotten how they felt about personal issues when they were younger, and now they’re inflicting offensive crap on their own children — or on children in general. I understand that it’s finally an accepted practice to use privacy curtains in pediatric hospital rooms.  When I was a child (born in 1960), people who worked in pediatrics had a neat little amoral system of … Continue reading Now I’m Angry