Getting the Ball Rolling on Healthcare

Actually, the title of this blog post applies correctly to something that happened a few years ago.  The Affordable Care Act, with all of its GOP-instigated compromises that made it barely functional for many people, got the proverbial ball rolling. Now it’s time to do more. Medicare for all isn’t a new idea, but educated Americans have seen enough of the current ACA system to know we need changes that benefit patients, not businesses.  The Affordable Care Act isn’t working for everyone, and the answer isn’t to obey Donald Trump and repeal it.  The answer is to develop a system … Continue reading Getting the Ball Rolling on Healthcare

This is Still Way Down the Road, but…

When the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, there was no “Public Option.”  That meant no Medicare or other Single Payer program for the general public. Single Payer was eliminated from the legislation early because most people were terrified of it.  They’d heard Sarah Palin and other charlatans talk about Death Panels, with Governor Palin suggesting her youngest child could be killed by the government if such legislation passed. Private sector health insurers didn’t like the idea of everyone being on Medicare, either, for obvious reasons. Please don’t blame Barak Obama or Democrats in Congress for Obamacare’s shortcomings.  The … Continue reading This is Still Way Down the Road, but…

Senator McCain’s Vote

(Disclosure: This post appeared originally on a private social media page.) I want to be respectful, but John McCain’s vote on healthcare does not have my respect. He is in fragile health, and the best care is available to him. Others in fragile health are closer to losing their insurance now. John McCain’s career in the U.S. Senate has been a series of gray areas. I hoped he would do the right thing in preserving the Affordable Care Act, but loyalty to his political party outweighed any loyalty he might have toward less privileged people who are also dealing with … Continue reading Senator McCain’s Vote

The Affordable Care Act is Safe, For Now

For the time being, it looks as if our health insurance won’t be pulled out from under us. We’d better not get too comfortable, though.  Repealing the ACA, with or without replacing it with a substandard system, is one of Donald Trump’s obsessions.  Many Republicans in Congress share that obsession. If you live in a state/district where your representation sides with Trump, you must make your wishes known to your elected officials (it also helps if you’re registered to vote, and show up at the polls).  Some people have already done that, which may have a lot to do with … Continue reading The Affordable Care Act is Safe, For Now