Women’s Humor

Yesterday I was thinking of some of the mildly rude humor women share with each other when men are out of earshot.  We have to be careful because not all women find it amusing, but if your female acquaintances are as rude as you then knock yourself out. In 2012, this YouTube video (link below) was produced to reply to a Facebook post.  A man had used his Facebook account to express disappointment with the deceptive way menstruation is depicted in feminine product advertising.  According to him, he had learned the truth through experience, and the truth wasn’t pretty. Richard Neill’s original … Continue reading Women’s Humor

When Hotels Disappoint

Please don’t accuse Dave Hill — or me — of overstating the crisis. Rest assured, we’re all strong enough to handle this.  Perspective is absolutely essential, though. Regardless of how bad this gets, remember that the heroes who help us navigate the confusion and disillusionment of travel are not to blame.  Policy decisions are made by cowards who never show their faces in the hallways, guest elevators or restaurants of hotels. The employees we see during our stay are suffering as much as the rest of us.  Some of them may be suffering more, if a guest causes damage or … Continue reading When Hotels Disappoint

A For Effort?

I’d like to master a particular type of absurd humor on Twitter. You’ve probably read one-liners from Twitter users claiming to quote unintended humor overheard in public places.  When the material is hilarious for reasons you can’t pinpoint, you know it’s good. My favorite living comedian, Dave Hill (@mrdavehill on Twitter), has mastered the art of the absurd quote.  Every now and then he’ll post from an airport, an Amtrak train or some other place where people have serious conversations on their cell phones, and repeat uproarious shit he claims to have overheard.  At least he says he’s at the airport or … Continue reading A For Effort?

You Know What Should Make News These Days? Mental Stability.

Donald Trump’s new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, has done something which should surprise no one who keeps track of the current Administration. Can Saturday Night Live improve on the most recent embarrassment?  At least the SNL skits have some humor.  Nothing in the Trump Administration is genuinely funny.   Continue reading You Know What Should Make News These Days? Mental Stability.