This is Giving Teflon a Bad Name

I believe it was U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder (Democrat from Colorado) who was credited with nicknaming President Ronald Reagan The Teflon President.   The Donald is proving to have that same exemption from responsibility, although he isn’t as popular as Reagan.  It’s a different Teflon.  In Reagan’s case, the president remained popular in spite of international scandal.  Many of Trump’s former supporters are now waking up and suspecting his actions in office — and what we learn about his past behavior — will just keep getting worse, but party loyalty has kept him out of serious trouble with the law.  … Continue reading This is Giving Teflon a Bad Name

In Distress

After doing some of my own fact checking, I’ve concluded that not one of us really knows what we’re talking about.  You may disagree. In any event, this post has two links and some crap added since it was posted a couple of hours ago. Anyone with good sense is in distress right now.  For a few people, meditation or something less healthy will ease the anxiety, but a lot of us are badly shaken right now. Between the Russian government’s alleged hacking of the election, FBI Director James Comey’s partisan pre-election “investigation” and The Donald’s loose cannon decision-making habits, … Continue reading In Distress

Dirty Tricks And The Voters Who Fall For Them

Disclaimer: The Twentieth Century events listed in this blog post are recalled from memory, although I learned about most of them secondhand because I wasn’t born until 1960.  Wikipedia was used to try to confirm dates, and if there are inaccuracies I apologize.  Readers who find errors are welcome to respond in the comments section with documentation, and if necessary I will make corrections. When we engage in important judgment calls, we must be alert to the possibility that people working against our interests are manipulating us.  Careful critical thinking is just part of being a responsible adult. On October … Continue reading Dirty Tricks And The Voters Who Fall For Them


Today I filled out my absentee ballot and returned it in person at San Francisco City Hall. In California, every eligible voter has the option of receiving an absentee ballot automatically.  I receive one for every election because it’s less stressful than going to the polling place. If we want, we can return our absentee ballots by mail in a postage paid envelope.  There are different options for returning ballots, in the hope that people will just vote. We might have a better turnout than usual for this election, due to the Donald thing.  However, it’s still anyone’s guess whether … Continue reading Vote