Feline Empowerment For Women

Please accept my apologies in advance if you find anything in this post offensive.  It is written carefully because it addresses a tender subject.  However, the so-called art project at the end of the post won’t be to everyone’s taste because it’s motivated by anger.  It’s the type of anger I hope a lot of people share, too.  You don’t need experience being sexually harassed or assaulted to feel the rage.  You don’t need to be a woman, either.  Dammit! I empathize with the women who have been humiliated by Donald Trump, and know how it feels because I’ve had … Continue reading Feline Empowerment For Women

Melania’s Plagiarism

The GOP is self-destructing at its own convention, and it’s giving me hope for the future. Granted, Mrs. Trump’s speech is small compared to other issues with her husband and the party.  Be that as it may, we should welcome every hiccup in the Republican campaign. Please forgive me.  Be that as it may is a stuffy expression that’s too good to pass up.  Use it every chance you get. There’s one human factor which helps Republicans in practically every election, though.  The party has a large proportion of voters who never miss an election, and they never vote for Democrats. … Continue reading Melania’s Plagiarism

The Donald’s Announcement

I hope the mainstream media are emphasizing that Donald Trump’s VP Running Mate Announcement was scheduled as a news conference, not a campaign speech.  Journalists arrived with lists of questions they planned to ask, but those questions went to waste. It was a campaign speech.  No questions allowed.  It was more about The Donald than Mike Pence, too, although if straightforward statements had been made about Governor Pence’s politics the speech may have been equally obnoxious. I’m wondering how many Donald enthusiasts listened to that nonsense and felt confident they were supporting the right candidates.  We should also ask when … Continue reading The Donald’s Announcement

Dick Cavett Hits A Home Run

The book review I was planning for today’s blog post can wait. On April 15, an excellent opinion piece was posted on The New York Times site.  I missed it until today, when a public figure I follow on Facebook shared it on his Timeline.  God bless him. Most intelligent people can see there are serious problems with Donald Trump’s candidacy.  Not all of those intelligent people know how to pinpoint the problems and describe them, though. Dick Cavett has done a first rate job of explaining why Donald Trump isn’t a leader.  Read his column slowly, carefully and without distractions.  When you find … Continue reading Dick Cavett Hits A Home Run