One More Piece of San Francisco Has Been Lost

Please see the end of this post for a link to a Hoodline article by Carrie Sisto about the demolition of the Hemlock Tavern on Polk Street.  The Hemlock was a longtime bar and entertainment venue.  Many years earlier, a gay bar called Giraffe was in that space (Polk Street was a less conspicuous gay-themed alternative to the Castro for decades). I’ve lived in San Francisco since 1982, and can recall how my mother used to note the sad changes in the Financial District skyline whenever my parents drove me home on the Bay Bridge from their house in Oakland.  I made … Continue reading One More Piece of San Francisco Has Been Lost

Do the Unspeakable, Get Weekends in Jail

If you’re not familiar with the name Tiffany Kosakowski, I hope you’ll be concerned when you learn what she did and the appallingly light criminal penalty she’s paying. Earlier this month in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Judge Curt Benson sentenced Ms. Kosakowski to thirty days in jail, which can be served on weekends.  A link to a news story is at the end of this post.  I’ll also include screenshots of a Google listing for a puzzling GoFundMe account for her, as well as an image of the GoFundMe page.  The account has since been closed. Please accept my apologies for … Continue reading Do the Unspeakable, Get Weekends in Jail

George Michael’s Poetry at Age 11

George Michael was a genius.  He was also a natural writer. Please click the link to see two samples of his perceptions and writing ability when he was eleven.  Then take a moment to appreciate a highly sensitive person who proved to be very strong. Continue reading George Michael’s Poetry at Age 11

Fox News is Having a Cult Effect on Viewers

Some of us have wondered about this for awhile.  When we see a Fox News segment, it can be reminiscent of one of the Reverend Jerry Falwell’s sermons.  It doesn’t stand up to critical thinking, but it has the right appeal to people who regard it as a comfort zone. Comfort zones can be addictive.  Invariably, you must give up something for that comfort, too.  Sacrificing something in the real world is necessary to keep the comfort consistent. According to an article by Luke O’Neil on The Intelligencer page on New York Magazine’s website, some Fox News viewers have given up more than their critical thinking skills.  Some … Continue reading Fox News is Having a Cult Effect on Viewers

Boycott Dorchester Collection Hotels

In the past few years, you may have heard about a boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel, due to the way the law in Brunei addresses intimate acts which are not treated as crimes in many other countries. The Beverly Hills Hotel is one of nine owned by the Sultan of Brunei, who does business using the name Dorchester Collection. This month, the enforcement of Shariah Law in Brunei became more strict. An existing boycott of Dorchester hotels has intensified because there is now a greater possibility of people in Brunei being stoned to death for homosexual acts and adultery. … Continue reading Boycott Dorchester Collection Hotels