Apologies (or Just Excuses?) for Yesterday’s Boring Post

Travel writing can get awkward.  That was what happened yesterday.  Sorry ’bout that. In my defense, I was recovering from stress.  The trip home from West Hollywood didn’t go smoothly, and I was exhausted.  In retrospect, some of the incidents were amusing, some understandable and some horrifying. There’s a relatively easy, if time-consuming, way of getting from West Hollywood to the airport in Long Beach.  The process went smoothly, at first. FedExing my larger bag went well.  Everything fit into a small box, and the bag was folded and placed with the other items.  It weighed just under seven pounds … Continue reading Apologies (or Just Excuses?) for Yesterday’s Boring Post

Vacations Aren’t Always Boring to Read About. Sometimes They are, Though. Whatever.

Yesterday I returned home after three days in West Hollywood. There’s a distinction between Hollywood and West Hollywood.  Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles proper, and West Hollywood is an incorporated city (since 1984), surrounded by Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Midtown L.A. West Hollywood is a pretty neat place, but not cheap.  It’s nearly as focused on popular culture as Hollywood, too.  I stayed at a plush hotel, and found it disappointing when my fingers went through the toilet paper.  Lovely building, though. If you want to get an excellent salad in that neck of the woods, Sweet Green … Continue reading Vacations Aren’t Always Boring to Read About. Sometimes They are, Though. Whatever.

Book Recommendation (Not a Review)

If you’ve ever questioned whether people who take advantage of others are really in control, there’s a short story I’d like to recommend. The Grownup by Gillian Flynn — author of Gone Girl — raises those questions. I won’t say anything else about the story, so you can read it fresh.  It’s available in a $9.99 standalone hardcover edition and a much less expensive e-book. Just one word of advice:  Don’t read this story at night. Continue reading Book Recommendation (Not a Review)

The fading of a media myth?

Originally posted on Media Myth Alert:
Could it be that Halloween’s greatest media myth — the notion that a radio dramatization of The War of the Worlds stirred widespread panic and mass hysteria — is fading away? The question arises because in the run-up to Halloween, news reports that credulous invoke the myth have seemed far fewer than in recent years. (See here and here for a couple of head-shaking exceptions.) Orson Welles The question is especially intriguing because tonight marks the 80th anniversary of what has been called the “panic broadcast.” It’s one of those round-number anniversaries that could… Continue reading The fading of a media myth?