Blood Pressure Med Recall

Below, please see the link to a USA Today article, shared on MSN’s site.  If you or someone you are caring for is taking a “Losartan” drug, read the article carefully and click the available links. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if your medicine is affected by this recall (or if you just aren’t sure).  If you are using one of the listed drugs, your doctor may need to prescribe a different med to replace it.  High blood pressure is a potentially fatal condition, so you must follow your physician’s instructions. Continue reading Blood Pressure Med Recall

Not Exactly a Crisis, Although Some People Will Be Frantic

If you’re doing Valentine’s Day candy shopping for someone who doesn’t eat chocolate, you may have lost your usual low-budget standby, for now.  Those classic-but-not-tasty conversation hearts aren’t available this year.  Not fresh, anyway.  If you find them anywhere, be warned they’re from last year’s supply. The hearts should be back next year.  In the meantime, there’s a Sour Patch Kids alternative.  Here’s a Better Homes and Gardens article (shared on MSN’s homepage) explaining what happened: Continue reading Not Exactly a Crisis, Although Some People Will Be Frantic

The George Michael Essay You May Have Missed

(Note:  A link to a 2005 essay on The Advocate’s website by George Michael appears at the end of this post.) The Advocate, an LGBT publication founded in 1967, has never achieved mainstream popularity.  However, occasionally it has had features that appeal to people who don’t fit the magazine’s readership profile. I remember buying The Advocate in 1979, when I was first coming out as bisexual.  At the time, I thought maybe I was gay, but more recent history has proven otherwise.  Still bi. When I was coming out, The Advocate was printed on newsprint — the correct name for the paper used … Continue reading The George Michael Essay You May Have Missed

The George Michael Video You May Not Remember

(Note:  This blog post underwent a small revision at approximately 12:50 p.m. PST on January 11, 2019.) I can’t believe it.  I spent a year researching George Michael’s work to write an essay, and missed this.  It isn’t his only advert, either, but it’s the one people respect as his better work. The commercial aired on the American Music Awards, broadcast in January 1989.  That was at about the time the popularity of the Faith album ran its course and GM was slowing the promotion of his music in the U.S., although he won two awards during the ceremony. This video … Continue reading The George Michael Video You May Not Remember