Vaccinating Young People

(Disclosure: The following item appeared originally in slightly different form on a private Facebook page. I decided to share it here because a quotation in the Washington Post article (link below) suggested teens must be better informed about the dangers of the pandemic. I found that refreshing because often healthcare for underage patients locks those young people out of any discussion and demands only obedience.) I hope there can be an effort to communicate with adolescents directly to encourage vaccination and other precautions. If there’s just an aggressive “We’re the parents, and this is the decision we’ve made for you, … Continue reading Vaccinating Young People

Behaving Responsibly During a Changing Crisis

If you’ve been following the news about the Covid-19 pandemic, you’ve heard about a change in demographics where serious illnesses are concerned. Many people who were at highest risk are now vaccinated, and less likely to be hospitalized. The burden has shifted to younger people who were, at one time, thought to be at lower risk of actually becoming ill (although they were warned that the rules still applied to them because they could be unknowing carriers). Everyone must continue — or start — using good judgment, regardless of whether they believe they are at risk. We can listen to … Continue reading Behaving Responsibly During a Changing Crisis

Think Before You React. And Maybe Consider Not Being There in the First Place

(This post appears in slightly different form on a private social media page.) According to more than one news report, political extremists are planning to engage in some sort of high profile behavior on Sunday, January 17. Inauguration Day is three days later. I haven’t heard where they’ll be, but I’ll plan on staying home. I live a few blocks from the Civic Center and Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, so that’s prudent. It’s each person’s judgment call to make, depending on where they live and whether it’s possible to stay home. Personally, I’ll be prepared to “keep a low … Continue reading Think Before You React. And Maybe Consider Not Being There in the First Place

Yes, Popular Music Can Be Nuanced

WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO EXPRESS THINGS WITH METAPHORS AND MUCH MORE SUBTLETY, THAT’S WHEN YOU ARE DOING YOURSELF A DISSERVICE BY MAKING A VIDEO. — GEORGE MICHAEL Editor’s Note: The 1960s television series Gilligan’s Island is mentioned in this blog post. This post was written before we were notified that actress Dawn Wells had passed. There was no intention to disparage the show or her performance. R.I.P. Dawn Wells I found the above quote online. You can interpret the statement however you want, but any of us who have seen many music videos — and thought carefully afterward — … Continue reading Yes, Popular Music Can Be Nuanced

Progress on a Vaccine, and Staying Informed During a Crisis

Please read this Los Angeles Times article (from the AP newswire) carefully, and thoroughly. A link appears at the end of this post. Most people don’t enjoy reading, or they don’t have the time. There can be a temptation to look at the bold print above a news story, or skim the first couple of paragraphs, and consider the job done. When you were in high school, your teachers probably got irritated with students who did that because the teachers had already read the material and knew how easily it could be misinterpreted by someone who was careless. The article … Continue reading Progress on a Vaccine, and Staying Informed During a Crisis

Bob Woodward’s Own Controversy

(Disclaimer: I am not qualified to work in mental health or any other scientific field, and I am not a journalist. The statements in this blog post are based on observations prompted by news accounts.) Former Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward’s new book about Donald Trump, titled Rage, will be out on September 15. I don’t have an advance reader copy, so I won’t comment on the book itself. This blog post addresses information that Mr. Woodward made public this week, which prompted a public debate on his ethics as a journalist. Mr. Woodward has disclosed — way after the … Continue reading Bob Woodward’s Own Controversy

Scrutinizing Your Hand Sanitizer

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert in public health or any other field of science.  This blog post is intended to share two links to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website, warning consumers of toxic, ineffective or contaminated hand sanitizer.)  Many of us felt hopeful when the hand sanitizer shortage eased awhile back.  Although the Purell brand was still difficult to find, there were obscure brands that we were eager to buy and use, regardless of how unattractive some of them seemed.  The availability of these products lessened some people’s COVID-19 anxiety, but we were warned that our routines … Continue reading Scrutinizing Your Hand Sanitizer