Wear a Mask

Earlier this week, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order for all persons (with some exceptions) in the state to wear masks.  I don’t know all of the details, but since I wear a mask every time I step outside of my apartment I figure I’m in compliance.  It always covers my nose and mouth.

I live in San Francisco, and I went out for groceries today.  Approximately half of the people I saw either were wearing no masks or wearing them improperly.

A mask marketed to the general public is intended to protect others.  Although the level of protection provided to the wearer is debatable, if you’re unknowingly carrying COVID-19 and you sneeze, cough, speak or yawn, a good quality mask should create a barrier which will prevent most or all of the damp, potentially dangerous microbes from reaching others.  The rule about staying six feet from others still applies.

(Note:  We’re still ordered to stay in isolation if we’re ill or there’s reason to believe we may have a current infection.)

Wearing a mask is considerate.  It’s respectful.  It suggests you’re willing to endure minor discomfort to curb a life-threatening pandemic.

No, it doesn’t suggest you’re allowing an Orwellian conspiracy to overpower you.  On another recent trip to the grocery store, I heard a young man stating very confidently that he knew the mask thing was a totalitarian plot.

I hope someday that young man will grow up.  I also hope he doesn’t infect anyone.

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