Keep Her Close by Erik Therme (Book Review)

Screenshot (1065)

Keep Her Close

by Therme, Erik

Psychological Suspense


Bookouture Original Paperback $10.99 (USD)

230 Pages

ISBN-13:  978-1-78681-9

In your experience, how many times have you acted on impulse against your better judgment?

You probably don’t have an answer to that, and if you did you wouldn’t say.

An even more uncomfortable question might be, How many times have you acted on impulse because of an intense emotional void?

I want to be careful not to share too much, but Erik Therme has written a modern classic suspense novel that explores the ways we — any of us — react when we’re told something we’re desperate to hear.  We all have this weakness, regardless of how comfortably we stay in denial.

The publisher of Keep Her Close, Bookouture, is a bit off the beaten path where retailers are concerned.  However, the novel is found easily on Amazon’s site, in print and Kindle editions.  If you shop at indie brick-and-mortar stores, you may have to request a special order and wait longer for this book than for mainstream titles.  That was what I did, and it was worth the effort.

Among books, movies, etc., often the real gems are the ones we don’t hear about easily.  When you find a low-profile bit of genius, shout it from the rooftops.  Just use caution to avoid spoilers.

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