White Light and a Parkinson Interview

Posted originally on February 21, 2017.


Update: After this blog piece was posted, George Michael’s cause of death was identified as natural causes.

The Joan Rivers video which was originally posted on this page is no longer available.  However, a separate video of the same interview has replaced it.

Since George Michael’s passing on Christmas Day, there has been a combination of public appreciation of his work and morbid speculation over his cause of death.  The topic of suicide has been discussed repeatedly, but at this time no postmortem report has been made public.

Although suicide isn’t unusual in the general population, I suspect creative people are more prone than others to suicidal thoughts and feelings.  This observation comes from personal experience.  I’ve never attempted it, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I denied ever thinking about it.  Hell, I’m a writer.  Think of Ernest Hemingway, David Foster Wallace, Sylvia Plath and John Kennedy…

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