If You’re on Twitter, Action is Needed

A couple of days ago, we received word that O.J. Simpson has opened a Twitter account, and claims to have some “getting even” to do.

I’m apprehensive about posting anything on this topic because any statement can serve as publicity for this individual.  Still, if you use Twitter, there’s a strong possibility that sooner or later you’ll see a post by him.

Here’s an idea:  Block him now.  Sign in to your Twitter account, go to the page with username @TheRealOJ32 and block all posts by said user.  On a computer screen, you should see three vertical dots next to the Follow button.  On some other screens, you’ll have to click the down arrow on one of the posts.  In both cases, clicking those buttons should open a drop-down menu which includes a block option.

O.J. Simpson exploits attention, and even if we resolve to ignore all of his posts he wins if we see them on the screen (which we may because some well-meaning people have retweeted them).  They may even register as views on his tracking info, which will gratify him.

Don’t be misled by a separate account which has an underscore in the username.  It’s controlled by someone else.  Find the right account and block it.  Then, if anyone retweets one of Mr. Simpson’s posts with a comment, on your screen the original post will be replaced by a Twitter statement that it is unavailable.  You’ll just see the comment by the person you follow.

Don’t encourage this monster.  Promptly block him and be satisfied you’ve done what you can.

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