Do the Unspeakable, Get Weekends in Jail

If you’re not familiar with the name Tiffany Kosakowski, I hope you’ll be concerned when you learn what she did and the appallingly light criminal penalty she’s paying.

Earlier this month in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Judge Curt Benson sentenced Ms. Kosakowski to thirty days in jail, which can be served on weekends.  A link to a news story is at the end of this post.  I’ll also include screenshots of a Google listing for a puzzling GoFundMe account for her, as well as an image of the GoFundMe page.  The account has since been closed.

Please accept my apologies for the small screenshots.  I made unsuccessful attempts to enlarge them.  You can enlarge each image by clicking it.

The courts and public opinion tend to go easy on people who do horrible things to their own children, on the misguided assumption that the parents have hurt themselves worse.  The public reaction would likely be on the opposite end of the emotion spectrum if those defendants did similar things to other people’s children, and people who do similar things to other people’s children rarely receive leniency from the courts.

Ms. Kosakowski has pleaded guilty to one count of felony reckless driving.  If she had inflicted the same on a child who wasn’t hers, would there have been other charges, such as attempted murder?  I think the public would encourage it.  However, in this case the judge stated that he received thirty letters, all in support of the defendant.

Please note that the Google screenshot uses the word accident to describe the horrendous act that left Ms. Kosakowski’s nine year-old son, Julian, with a brain injury.  The judge, as well as the boy’s father, John Rodriguez, are skeptical of that.

In the video which accompanies an ABC affiliate news post (text attributed to AP), Ms. Kosakowski suggests she has had frequent contact with Julian since the December 11, 2018 tragedy.

There’s no explanation of why Julian is not being kept separated from the person who caused his injuries.




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