The College Admissions Scandal Might not be the Result of Concerned Parenting

Once, I heard an advert on the radio that was a little too obvious.  The person speaking was advising parents to bring their children to an audition for some TV or movie thing, to help your children fulfill their dreams (wording not exact).

It sounded to me as if stage parents were being encouraged to put their kids on public display, as well as to lie about their own intentions.  Dreams of an Oscar or Emmy were going through the heads of many parents, while some of those kids must have been thinking, This is so embarrassing.  If they pick me, my life will get a lot worse.

Please read Amanda Hess’s opinion piece on the New York Times site (link below).  Our society shouldn’t fall apart if we look at family situations that disgust us and consider the possibility that children aren’t at the root of it.  Regardless of how obnoxious you find Olivia Jade, this may not really be her fault.

The college admissions scandal involves allegations of illegal behavior.  Many unsuitable college admissions are completely legal, though.  The legacy student system, as well as the practice of wealthy parents buying new buildings for schools, is considered above board.  Those perks can result in embarrassing incidents, building up to airhead graduates and their parents flaunting conspicuous, polished brass reproductions of their diplomas.

Many years ago, I saw a doctor whose medical degree was an apparent product of the supposedly legit system for privileged students (I have since found his family’s name on that institution’s list of top donors).  He had the polished brass diplomas (Bachelor of Science and a Medical Degree), and he was proud of his accomplishments.

After having multiple problems in the clinic he owned — due mainly to his inability to set standards to avert ethics violations — I gave up and obtained copies of my paper health records.  That was when I found out the guy couldn’t spell.

Legal or not, maybe the whole thing is unhealthy.

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