This is why News Sites no Longer Have Comment Sections

Okay, some online news sites still have comment sections.  Many do not, though, due to the troll thing.  Those sites’ administrators had to do something.

Social media continues to be a resource for disrespectful people who want to vent, though.  It’s a safety net for people who can’t get through the day without saying things they might be reluctant to utter if their mothers were in the room.

Below is a screenshot of a Twitter interaction from this morning.  I had retweeted something outrageous by a MAGA person, and included my own comment (visible in the screenshot below) before retweeting the whole thing on another account of mine, @MissAnthrope500.  Shortly after, a reply arrived from another user which was obscene, confrontational and also mysterious.  Exactly what was his point?

The reply was reported to Twitter as vulgar, and I’ve blocked the user on the two accounts he knows about.  I’m not aware of any other attempts he has made to contact me.

Given the confusing situation, here’s a thought:  Maybe the guy who doesn’t express himself very articulately thought he was responding to username @KaitMarieox.  His Twitter profile doesn’t give the impression that he’s a MAGA type.  Who knows?  At any rate, he was out of line with his post.

Although we don’t know how often Twitter takes complaints seriously, reporting an incident doesn’t take a lot of time.  Do it whenever you think you should.  Simply click the down arrow in the upper righthand corner of the offending post and follow the instructions.

Personally, I don’t declare blue language off-limits from my blog or social media accounts.  I use judgment with it, though.  Replies to other people’s messages are kept clean because I’m not twelve years old.

Here’s a screenshot of the interaction in question, with the replying person’s username and avi erased.  The purpose of this blog post is not to shame him or make him a target of harassment.  The retweet has been deleted from Twitter because his reply continued to be visible to the public after the complaint was filed.

I’ll leave username @KaitMarieox visible.  She looks proud of herself, so she should be flattered:




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