The George Michael Essay You May Have Missed

(Note:  A link to a 2005 essay on The Advocate’s website by George Michael appears at the end of this post.)

The Advocate, an LGBT publication founded in 1967, has never achieved mainstream popularity.  However, occasionally it has had features that appeal to people who don’t fit the magazine’s readership profile.

I remember buying The Advocate in 1979, when I was first coming out as bisexual.  At the time, I thought maybe I was gay, but more recent history has proven otherwise.  Still bi.

When I was coming out, The Advocate was printed on newsprint — the correct name for the paper used for newspapers — in Berliner (larger than a tabloid, but smaller than a broadsheet) format.  At that time, The Advocate was published every two weeks.  Immediately, I would discard the second section, printed on pink paper, because that was where the men’s personal ads were.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Or, maybe there was too much to see and, having my mind on women, I didn’t want to risk escalating the confusion that many bisexual people have when we come out.

Okay, enough background.

We know George Michael was a talented musician, and even his more outrageous song lyrics were motivated by subtle thinking.  He didn’t do a lot of writing outside (pardon the pun) of his work in music, though.

This essay, posted on The Advocate’s website on June 6, 2005, reflects Mr. Michael’s depth as a writer and a thinker.  GM left comprehensive school when he was seventeen, and he disliked reading.  However, his critical thinking skills were excellent, so he was able to compensate with other media.  Do not try this at home.  It worked for him, though:

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