The N.Y. Times Editorial Board Doesn’t Like Trump’s Shutdown. Neither do Most People.

Please take a look at the opinion piece posted online today by the New York Times Editorial Board.  I don’t know whether it’s in the print edition.  A link appears below.

The current federal shutdown is affecting individuals who must rely on the system being open for business.  Some people are working while their paychecks are delayed, and others are furloughed.

Not every person who is affected is a government employee.  Some are contractors, and others are members of the general public who need services on the federal level.  Many are merchants and restaurant operators who rely on transactions with government workers.

If you’re flying during this time, be especially courteous with T.S.A. employees.  Study the regulations carefully in advance, and comply with every rule.  If you’re one of the people who is expected to remove shoes at the airport checkpoint, wear reasonably new, clean shoes if you can (I always do this).  Be meticulous about discarding beverages and emptying your pockets before getting in line so you don’t slow things down.

If you think carefully, there are other ways you can behave responsibly with people affected by this crisis.  Today, I plan on buying lunch from a restaurant which is located within a block of the Phil Burton Federal Building in San Francisco.  They’ll need the business.

We can do more than complain about this situation.  If we’re supportive, we can actually do something constructive which will ease the burden on others.

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