This is why News Sites no Longer Have Comment Sections

Okay, some online news sites still have comment sections.  Many do not, though, due to the troll thing.  Those sites’ administrators had to do something. Social media continues to be a resource for disrespectful people who want to vent, though.  It’s a safety net for people who can’t get through the day without saying things they might be reluctant to utter if their mothers were in the room. Below is a screenshot of a Twitter interaction from this morning.  I had retweeted something outrageous by a MAGA person, and included my own comment (visible in the screenshot below) before retweeting … Continue reading This is why News Sites no Longer Have Comment Sections

Anyone is a Critic — but Shouldn’t be

I’m not sure what got me started on this yesterday.  It could have been the fact that I was in a bookstore to pick up something I probably won’t have time to read soon. The book is Pamela; Or, Virtue Rewarded by Samuel Richardson.  Pamela is an Eighteenth Century epistolary novel which I hadn’t heard of until I read Vivien Jones’s 1996 introduction to the Penguin Classics edition of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I had already finished reading Pride and Prejudice by the time I looked at the introduction.  Ms. Jones alluded to Pamela, and made it clear that the book … Continue reading Anyone is a Critic — but Shouldn’t be

Children, Medical Issues and Caution

(Disclaimer:  I am not a healthcare professional.  Statements in this blog post are based on online resources which are credited, as well as personal experience and observations.) This post was revised at 12:55 p.m. on January 29, 2019, to reflect a change in the Los Angeles Times report. Early this morning, Los Angeles Times journalist Soumya Karlamangla posted a disturbing account of apparent negligence by a physician, William Eidelman, whose license was revoked this month by the Medical Board of California.  A link to her article appears at the end of this post. Dr. Eidelman was also the subject of a previous Medical Board … Continue reading Children, Medical Issues and Caution

The Spoiled Rich Kid Who Might be Anyone

Most of us dislike Donald Trump.  He’s an overprivileged slob who doesn’t mind holding federal employees and the rest of the country hostage to carry out an absurd agenda. Some of us can recall times when our lives were damaged by people of privileged backgrounds who placed entitlement before respect or empathy.  We were good to them, but when we needed some small favor in return we were told, “Gee, I’m busy right now,” or worse, “How dare you?” It can be more extreme than that, but for the sake of brevity I’ll stick to general examples. Depending on whether … Continue reading The Spoiled Rich Kid Who Might be Anyone

Blood Pressure Med Recall

Below, please see the link to a USA Today article, shared on MSN’s site.  If you or someone you are caring for is taking a “Losartan” drug, read the article carefully and click the available links. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if your medicine is affected by this recall (or if you just aren’t sure).  If you are using one of the listed drugs, your doctor may need to prescribe a different med to replace it.  High blood pressure is a potentially fatal condition, so you must follow your physician’s instructions. Continue reading Blood Pressure Med Recall

Not Exactly a Crisis, Although Some People Will Be Frantic

If you’re doing Valentine’s Day candy shopping for someone who doesn’t eat chocolate, you may have lost your usual low-budget standby, for now.  Those classic-but-not-tasty conversation hearts aren’t available this year.  Not fresh, anyway.  If you find them anywhere, be warned they’re from last year’s supply. The hearts should be back next year.  In the meantime, there’s a Sour Patch Kids alternative.  Here’s a Better Homes and Gardens article (shared on MSN’s homepage) explaining what happened: Continue reading Not Exactly a Crisis, Although Some People Will Be Frantic