Vacations Aren’t Always Boring to Read About. Sometimes They are, Though. Whatever.

Yesterday I returned home after three days in West Hollywood.

There’s a distinction between Hollywood and West Hollywood.  Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles proper, and West Hollywood is an incorporated city (since 1984), surrounded by Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Midtown L.A.

West Hollywood is a pretty neat place, but not cheap.  It’s nearly as focused on popular culture as Hollywood, too.  I stayed at a plush hotel, and found it disappointing when my fingers went through the toilet paper.  Lovely building, though.

If you want to get an excellent salad in that neck of the woods, Sweet Green at 8570 Sunset is the place to go.  They accept electronic payments only.  Keep your visits to the nearby hamburger places to an absolute minimum, and if a convenience store doesn’t post prices you should assume they’re charging about the same as the airport shops.

The #2 bus stops near high-end hotels on Sunset, making it possible for some people to avoid driving on that street.  The bus line has undoubtedly saved lives.

Depending on your starting point and destination, getting by on public transit in the busier sections of Los Angeles County can be easy.  If you’re staying car-free on Sunset you should note that the #2 stops within blocks of the subway station at Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave.  I was surprised by how well I was able to get around the county on the subway and light rail, and access to a subway station played a huge role in that.

If you appreciate Art Deco, get the Metro Red Line to Union Station.  Just be careful not to wander into sections of the Station that are reserved for passengers on other train systems.

Fun Fact:  On November 6 — Election Day — L.A. County Public Transit passengers rode free.  I had voted early in San Francisco, so as an out-of-towner I felt only semi-guilty taking advantage of a perk that encourages local people to vote.

Day One: There was a glitch with the hotel reservation, and while that was being cleared up I was able to check in my bag and board the #2 to wait at the Will Rogers Memorial Park.  Got some nice photos, too.

The Will Rogers Memorial Park has a dubious claim to history.  In 1998, the men’s room was made famous by George Michael.

All I can tell you about the ladies’ room is it’s about the same as other park restrooms.  The liquid on the floor is apparently caused by a plumbing leak, although we can’t be sure about that.  If you need to use the facilities, make sure your pantlegs are rolled up and try not to touch too many things.  This week the high-tech paper towel dispenser was out of order, but the door on the dispenser was open so patrons could tear sections off the roll.

A huge amount of effort goes into park landscaping and maintaining wildlife.  Feeding the park wildlife is forbidden.  There’s also a sign warning visitors that failing to pick up dog crap can result in a maximum penalty of one year in jail, but I’m not sure if that’s for a first offense.

There were other places of interest during my visit.  I went into every Downtown Los Angeles store that might have the perfect white bra to wear under white tee shirts, and didn’t find one.  Calvin Klein’s company stitches his name in dark thread on the fronts of white bras, and I’m disgusted.

Existing wardrobes, metal detectors and myriad other factors make it difficult to choose lingerie.  Don’t expect L.A. to be a safe haven where that’s concerned.  Maybe I would have had better luck if I’d shopped before Labor Day, due to the fashion rule applying to white clothes.

Oh, heck.  This is getting boring.  We knew that would happen.  It’s time to close this blog post and share some nice pictures, taken at the Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills.  Pictures are the only things most people care about when news of someone else’s vacation is imposed on them.  Apologies in advance for failing to act quickly enough to photograph the squirrel who was staring at me from the Mediterranean Fan Palm.  The ducks and turtles were less camera shy.IMG_0151 (Edited)IMG_0160IMG_0102 (Edited)IMG_0162



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