Traveling Safely

Whether or not we’re comfortable traveling, we should be aware that when we’re away from home there are “advisable” precautions which aren’t necessary in our houses or apartments. I’m agoraphobic, and I try to fly somewhere about once a year.  The schedule varies, but there’s always a sense of accomplishment even after an uninteresting visit. Earlier this month, I visited Southern California for the, uh, eighth time.  It’s a short flight from San Francisco Airport (SFO), and I know my way around a large portion of Los Angeles County.  The public transportation in that neck of the woods has improved … Continue reading Traveling Safely

Apologies (or Just Excuses?) for Yesterday’s Boring Post

Travel writing can get awkward.  That was what happened yesterday.  Sorry ’bout that. In my defense, I was recovering from stress.  The trip home from West Hollywood didn’t go smoothly, and I was exhausted.  In retrospect, some of the incidents were amusing, some understandable and some horrifying. There’s a relatively easy, if time-consuming, way of getting from West Hollywood to the airport in Long Beach.  The process went smoothly, at first. FedExing my larger bag went well.  Everything fit into a small box, and the bag was folded and placed with the other items.  It weighed just under seven pounds … Continue reading Apologies (or Just Excuses?) for Yesterday’s Boring Post