Gaslighting: It’s not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

(Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on personal observation/experience, as well as media for the general public.) Have you ever known someone who caused you to question your perception of everything and dragged you down to the point where you allowed that person to control your life? A lot of people have suffered that misfortune.  Please judge only the manipulators and not the people who have been manipulated. Sadly, that second paragraph is difficult to interpret because some people who have been dragged down begin supporting their tormentors by becoming … Continue reading Gaslighting: It’s not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

Maintaining a Smartphone on a Budget — and Frightening Guesswork

More than two years ago, I invested in my first smartphone.  It was an unused, clearance-priced iPhone 5s, listed on the site of the service provider who was overseeing the account for a cheap flip phone I’d been using. Even the best smartphones don’t last forever, regardless of whether you treat them gently.  I treated that phone gently often, too.  I let go of it to shower, sleep, read books and go into public places, and that was about it.  The rest of the time, I was the constantly needy infant, and that phone was my caregiver. Recently, I noticed … Continue reading Maintaining a Smartphone on a Budget — and Frightening Guesswork

If You’ve Had Bedbugs, Read This

I had bedbugs late in 2009 and early in 2010.  Management of the building where I lived didn’t handle it right, but apparently the bugs didn’t return to my apartment after treatment.  Not before I was able to move, anyway. Still, I took precautions while moving.  I discarded most of what I owned, and wrapped items that went with me.  While packing, nothing touched the carpet. I remember the horrible stress.  Some people have become suicidal while going through that trauma, so the pest control company should be staffed by professionals with good people skills and preferably some crisis training.  … Continue reading If You’ve Had Bedbugs, Read This

It’s Bookshop Day!

(Addendum/Correction:  It’s Bookshop Day in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  I live in the United States, and until now I was unaware that the U.S. is not observing Bookshop Day on this date.  Please accept my apologies.  I should have researched this more carefully because the source is an article which originated on the other side of the Atlantic. Nevertheless, please consider taking a look at the article in The Guardian.  A link appears at the end of this post.) Sadly, it’s unlikely I’ll be participating — that means spending money — in this year’s Bookshop Day, which is today, darn … Continue reading It’s Bookshop Day!

Women’s Humor

Yesterday I was thinking of some of the mildly rude humor women share with each other when men are out of earshot.  We have to be careful because not all women find it amusing, but if your female acquaintances are as rude as you then knock yourself out. In 2012, this YouTube video (link below) was produced to reply to a Facebook post.  A man had used his Facebook account to express disappointment with the deceptive way menstruation is depicted in feminine product advertising.  According to him, he had learned the truth through experience, and the truth wasn’t pretty. Richard Neill’s original … Continue reading Women’s Humor