If You’ve Had Bedbugs, Read This

I had bedbugs late in 2009 and early in 2010.  Management of the building where I lived didn’t handle it right, but apparently the bugs didn’t return to my apartment after treatment.  Not before I was able to move, anyway.

Still, I took precautions while moving.  I discarded most of what I owned, and wrapped items that went with me.  While packing, nothing touched the carpet.

I remember the horrible stress.  Some people have become suicidal while going through that trauma, so the pest control company should be staffed by professionals with good people skills and preferably some crisis training.  The first technician to visit my bedbug infested apartment liked to nag people who were on the edge, which should have been grounds for dismissal.

This morning I looked at Gothamist’s site and found a link to an excellent article on theoutline.com.  If you’re not familiar with Billy Swan — no, this isn’t the musician — who serves as a rescuer of bedbug victims in Brooklyn, please read this article.  It’s longer than most online pieces, but worth the time.

I was left with only one question about the pest control treatments themselves.  I wanted to know why heat treatments were not mentioned.  Some people say those work best, and a neighbor in my former building who had the worst infestation had heat treatment because a technician believed there were too many insects in his apartment for chemicals to work.

Okay, if you have the little monsters in your home, read this article.  Just don’t make it the only article.  Investigate the pros and cons of every option, to reach an educated conclusion — and if you’re a renter, just hope management will listen to you.


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