Essay on George Michael’s Work: Free This Weekend on Kindle

I’d like to thank the people who have read any of my five e-books.  The books aren’t written for money, and the satisfaction for me is when they’re read.

Not everyone likes my books, as I’ve seen from the ratings on the Goodreads site.  Starred ratings are a grey area, though, and sometimes the only thing a relatively unknown writer can do is accept that good writing is a subjective thing.  When you’re not writing for profit, just write what you like and figure someone out there will be interested.

This weekend, September 22 and 23, George Michael: An Appreciation will be available free of charge on Kindle.  Ordinarily, the book costs 99 cents (USD).

This 4,000 word essay is written with genuine respect for Mr. Michael’s life and work.  It’s disappointing to see the way his public image was abused, especially after his passing.  For that reason, in the writing of this piece close attention is focused on GM’s compassion and class.

I would make a remark about how you’d better get your free copy before your Kindle device turns into a pumpkin, but you’ve heard that joke before.  Besides, you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books.  The app can be installed on most devices.

The link is below.  If you want the book for free, make sure you order after midnight Saturday morning and before midnight Monday morning.  I’ve been told the schedule applies to the Pacific Time Zone, so if you’re not in the Western U.S. look carefully at the listing to ensure you won’t be charged.

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