Please Stop Voting for Conservatives. You’re Hurting Your Country.

At the end of this post you’ll find a link to a predictable report on poverty in the United Kingdom, posted today on The Independent’s site.

I know.  It isn’t just Tories and Republicans.  It’s also public officials who know better, cooperating with Tories and Republicans.  In 1996, U.S. President Bill Clinton — a Democrat — signed so-called welfare reform legislation which was destined to put more families on the streets.  He was cooperating with Republicans in Congress, and complying with misguided public opinion.  It was a self-serving, rotten thing to do, but he wanted to be re-elected (which he probably would have been, anyway) and persuade the rightwing charlatans to stop hounding him (the latter effort wasn’t successful).

Conservative politicians’ austerity programs serve one segment of society: the wealthy.  The general public has nothing to gain from a policy which overburdens the poor and middle class.

Although Theresa May must have suffered embarrassment during her meeting earlier this month with Donald Trump, her attitude toward vulnerable people isn’t much different from his.  She’s allowing her party to trash NHS England with budget cuts and privatization, with the privatization benefiting large businesses — some in the United States.

A big part of the problem is with the voting population.  Conservative voters are more likely to cast votes, and many conservative voters fail to see what’s right in front of them: the fact that Republicans and their brethren overseas share a goal of allowing big business to run amok while neglecting the unfortunate people, animals and icebergs suffering the consequences.

Sadly, many individuals who perform manual labor will support conservative candidates and policies.  Most people wearing MAGA hats are not living on $2,000,000 (approximately £1,522,503) a year.  The only explanation I can think of is those hardworking people have been pulled into a grotesque cult which has a goal of busting their unions and denying them healthcare.  They’ve been told the GOP is the Law and Order Party, although the Law and Order stuff is just spin for racism and police state tactics.  Vulnerable Republican voters believe the whole line of crap in spite of evidence to the contrary.  In a cult, you can’t think.  You can only believe — and obey.

If you have the basic sense to see through the rightwing sham, vote.  Heck, vote anyway.  All eligible people should, even if we don’t know what we’re talking about.  Do everything within your ability to protect your vote from interference, too.  Be meticulous about filling out your registration form properly, and be ready to stand in line for hours at the polling place if necessary.  In the process, behave courteously with everyone.  There are polling sites where your patience will be tested, but this isn’t a good time to lose your shit.

A word on voter registration:  Some voters in the U.S. have been purged from the rolls without their knowledge, and without explanation.  If you believe you’re at risk, confirm your registration periodically.

Fill out your ballot meticulously.  You should be informed before Election Day, so you can complete your work at the voting booth without causing delays for others.

If you live in a state where photo I.D. is required to cast a ballot and you can’t get photo I.D., I’m sorry I don’t have an answer.  Those laws are meant to suppress your vote.  They replaced the Poll Tax.

In the United States (and possibly in some other countries), there’s a problem which might be unavoidable:  Russia messing with the campaigns and results.  Still, beware of anything that might mislead you.  Troubleshoot, and control what you can.  It’s all part of carrying out adult responsibilities.  And, if you’ve been an adult as long as I have, wear your reading glasses.


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