Two’s a Crowd (Book #1 in Pug Pals Series) Review

Screenshot (111)

Two’s a Crowd

Written and illustrated by Flora Ahn

Scholastic Press

$9.99 (USD) Hardcover (No Dust Jacket)

© 2018

Pugs are wonderful dogs.  However, most have attitudes.  They’re stubborn, and when they don’t get what they want they sulk.

Flora Ahn knows this.  If my dear Puggie acquaintances were able to cross their arms, they would resemble one of the drawings inside the front cover of this book.

Two’s a Crowd is the first and so far only book in this new series, and I plan on reading all of them eventually.

Care should be used to avoid giving away too much of the plot in Two’s a Crowd, but suffice to say Sunny, a seasoned adult Pug, is pressured to bond with a younger adopted sibling, Rosy.  The attitude thing is a problem, at first.

Reading this book can be an intense emotional experience, but nothing too traumatic happens.  The challenges test Sunny’s value system, and being the fine dogs she and Rosy are they overcome obstacles.

I can’t find an age recommendation for Two’s a Crowd, but I could have read it without assistance by third grade.  It’s a fine book for parents to read with their children, regardless.


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