Evil is Evil, No Matter Where it Happens

A crime against a child is a crime against a child.  Personal loyalties or political/religious views should never be a factor in recognizing whether or how badly a child has been hurt. People who make excuses for — or cheer on — Donald Trump’s disgraceful immigration policies will minimize the horror of what happened to the child in an Arizona detention facility, identified by the initials D.L.  Those people are full of shit. People who call this the worst atrocity in history are also full of shit.  Devastating things have already happened to other kids in various past situations, and … Continue reading Evil is Evil, No Matter Where it Happens

Please Stop Voting for Conservatives. You’re Hurting Your Country.

At the end of this post you’ll find a link to a predictable report on poverty in the United Kingdom, posted today on The Independent’s site. I know.  It isn’t just Tories and Republicans.  It’s also public officials who know better, cooperating with Tories and Republicans.  In 1996, U.S. President Bill Clinton — a Democrat — signed so-called welfare reform legislation which was destined to put more families on the streets.  He was cooperating with Republicans in Congress, and complying with misguided public opinion.  It was a self-serving, rotten thing to do, but he wanted to be re-elected (which he probably would … Continue reading Please Stop Voting for Conservatives. You’re Hurting Your Country.

Lady Susan by Jane Austen (Review)

Lady Susan by Austen, Jane Epistolary Novel Written During 1790s, Published in 1871 Various Editions Available In Print and Electronically In the New Millennium, most of us find Jane Austen’s style of writing difficult.  That’s no excuse for neglecting to read her work, though. This past week I read Lady Susan, a series of letters between six characters, set over a short period of time.  The character at the center of the story, a sixteen year-old girl named Frederica, does not contribute in writing, so the reader’s impressions of her rely on others’ observations. Some details in this book are not open … Continue reading Lady Susan by Jane Austen (Review)

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

I admit it.  After living for an eternity with a dirty, curling-at-the-edges garbage chute door sign, I did some unauthorized maintenance work today. The custodial staff in my building are overworked, and although residents aren’t encouraged to do professional work around the property the staff often appreciates these small acts of assistance. Not that I’m going to do the same on every floor.  The neighbors have computers and printers.  Let them tear out their hair learning how to change the format from Portrait to Landscape.  It’ll be educational for them, as it was for me.  Why should I be the … Continue reading Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

In Retrospect, November 8, 1994 Wasn’t as Weird as we Thought

Remember how outrageous it seemed in November 1994, when Oliver North was almost elected to the U.S. Senate? We were so innocent then. P.S. We had no business being surprised last May, when Ollie was chosen as President of the National Rifle Association.  Yes, that was shitty, but it’s time to be a little more blasé about these things.  Expect shitty. Oh, and here’s the winner of the award for Best Tweet of the Day: Continue reading In Retrospect, November 8, 1994 Wasn’t as Weird as we Thought