New Theory on How to Treat Breast Cancer

(Note:  I am not a healthcare provider.  This blog post is intended mainly to share a link to a news article.)

During the 1980s, I heard that some women with early stage breast cancer were being advised to skip chemotherapy.  The advice changed later, after those guidelines turned out to be deadly for some women who supposedly met the criteria for less aggressive treatment.

Now, new information suggests that some women will be able to receive successful treatment for breast cancer while putting their bodies through less strain after surgery.

The link to a New York Times article is below.  Please read the article carefully, and plan on making an open-minded inquiry with your doctor if you believe you are a candidate for this new approach.  A life-threatening illness is complicated, and different factors are addressed in each patient.

Now that the topic is a current, major news story, I hope women who are old enough to seek routine mammograms will recall the date of their last test and call their doctors for new authorizations if necessary.  The hospital where I have mammograms sends reminder letters, but I don’t know if other places do the same thing.



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