Stop Cornering Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg, the New York City lawyer who has been engaging in public rants against immigrants, is an asshole.  Most of us can agree on that.

Mr. Schlossberg is also an unhinged asshole.

When you encounter someone who is unhinged, do you really believe the answer is to get confrontational?

If you see this guy in a public place, walk away.  Don’t make a production of walking away, either.  The only thing to pursue is a safe distance.

I do that all the time, when I don’t think I can offer help to anyone.  Occasionally, I’ll stick around to offer emotional support to someone who is being hurt by an asshole, but I don’t take on the asshole directly.

By the way, the protest party that was held outside of Mr. Schlossberg’s home was stupid.  Don’t do it again.  Please.

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