Follow-Up to Yesterday’s Aaron Schlossberg Post

Yes, evidently that was attorney Aaron Schlossberg who went into a Fresh Kitchen restaurant on Madison Ave. in NYC and shouted at employees that they shouldn’t be speaking Spanish.

Mr. Schlossberg was identified very soon after the videotaped incident, which raised questions about whether the wrong person had been named.  Last time I looked, the WNYC-owned was refusing to post his name in their article on the topic because his identity hadn’t been confirmed to their satisfaction.

The Gothamist writer was right to hold back.  We must use caution with details that haven’t been verified — especially when someone’s reputation is at risk.  Protecting people from false allegations is worth the patience.

Although using the New York Post as a source isn’t encouraged, the video (link below) offers convincing evidence that Mr. Schlossberg doesn’t deny being the person who inflicted verbal abuse on restaurant workers on Tuesday.  He comes across as a coward who is embarrassed after getting caught.  The reporter who attempts to interview him in the video is Kevin Fasick.

If we learn later that the New York Post video is misleading, I won’t hesitate to issue a retraction.  It doesn’t look as though that will be necessary, though.

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