A Hateful Rant and Too-Quick Reactions

I won’t include a link to any news stories about this.  At the moment, it’s best to address the unfortunate incident in general terms only.

Yesterday, someone went into a restaurant in New York City and shouted racist remarks.  Video of his tantrum was recorded and posted on at least one news site.

The site I looked at emphasized that the identity of the man had not been confirmed, but some other sites have posted the name of a professional with an office in Manhattan.  Now, an online petition is being circulated to have his professional license revoked.

The restaurant shitstorm happened yesterday, and the man shown in the video isn’t unique looking.

If the man who did this horrible thing is positively identified, of course it will be appropriate for us to say Mr. So-and-So is a detestable human being, and we can debate how his behavior should be dealt with.

Given the magnitude of what the man in the video did, people are mad as hell.  There’s always a chance they’re venting on the wrong person, though.

Please remember the photo of the assholes marching with tiki torches.  An innocent person who was not in that group was mistakenly identified as one of them.  Let’s not mess up that way again.  You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, so don’t risk doing it to someone else.


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