George Michæl Symphonica CD (A Review, With Oodles of Background Info)

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? ? ? ? ? This blog post was revised on October 27, 2017. There’s no typographical error or computer glitch involved in the headline for this post.  The “a” and “e,” pressed together in text, are called an æsc, or ash.  The æsc exists in different languages, including English.  Note the correct spelling of the reference book title, Encyclopædia Britannica. The æsc has never appeared on typewriter keys, but it’s still around in spite of the fact that it’s considered archaic.  If you can pull up a sophisticated keyboard on a Dell Inspiron computer screen,… Continue reading George Michæl Symphonica CD (A Review, With Oodles of Background Info)

George Michael DVD (Review)

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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael  Epic Collection of 24 Music Videos Plus Bonus Material DVD (Region 1 Edition Available in the U.S.) ISBN: 1-57330-117-5 Price Varies by Retailer This review was revised and updated on March 14, 2017, and again on October 29, 2017. On Christmas Day 2016, the world lost a musical genius and a subtle mind.  George Michael was a genuine artist, even if the mainstream taste failed to recognize him as such.  People knew they enjoyed his creative work, but did they give the lyrics careful thought or consider how… Continue reading George Michael DVD (Review)

Health and Family Planning

Here are two views on the concept of cleaning up one’s health before conceiving a child.  Both have merit.  If you have time, please click the links and read each post thoroughly. Continue reading Health and Family Planning

Pictures From My Staycation

Wait.  First, a question:  Exactly how is staycation defined? I have a feeling a real staycation is one of those things where you remain within the walls of your home and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys, playing table tennis and computer games.  Whatever. That wasn’t exactly what I did this weekend.  I stayed at a hotel located within a couple of miles of my home, and did nothing in particular besides take photos and look for cheap places to buy nutritious meals. I also read miscellaneous stuff and solved the Saturday New York Times crossword.  I had neglected to … Continue reading Pictures From My Staycation