Stephen Fry’s Effort is Noble, but it Isn’t Stopping the Jokes

I’m in the United States, and recently the local indie bookseller — Alexander Book Company in San Francisco — had a hell of a time filling a special order I placed.  It wasn’t the first time.  I’ve burdened the staff with so many obscure book requests they must dread seeing me.  Still, most of them don’t run and hide when I walk in.

I wanted the audiobook edition of Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry.  It had to be imported, but my pals at the bookstore got it for me.

This audiobook has fourteen CDs.  Impressive.

On Disc One, the author — who reads the audio version — uses an original sounding pronunciation of the name of the God of the Sky, Uranus, after acknowledging that common pronunciations turn most people into giggling little kids.  He calls the guy ooh-RAH-noos, or something similar.  I listened to Disc One a couple of months ago.

Mr. Fry gives close attention to precision, so it’s possible his style of repeating the popular schoolyard name is correct — meaning the original Greek.

Sadly, Stephen Fry’s Now, seriously, folks effort to broaden the public’s horizons may have run into resistance from scientists.  Click the link to read Ed Mazza’s article on Huffington Post’s site.

Finally, distracted teenagers in Astronomy class can legitimately use the excuse “She blinded me with science,” between hysterical laughing fits.

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