Pictures From My Staycation

Wait.  First, a question:  Exactly how is staycation defined?

I have a feeling a real staycation is one of those things where you remain within the walls of your home and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys, playing table tennis and computer games.  Whatever.

That wasn’t exactly what I did this weekend.  I stayed at a hotel located within a couple of miles of my home, and did nothing in particular besides take photos and look for cheap places to buy nutritious meals.

I also read miscellaneous stuff and solved the Saturday New York Times crossword.  I had neglected to bring a pencil, so the answers — including a few wrong ones — were printed in ink.  Fun.

I saw the unique atrium lobby of the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco for the first time during the early 1970s, when the hotel first opened.  I was in the lobby many times after that, partly because when I was in my late teens the hotel’s gift shop seemed like a glamorous place to buy Cosmopolitan magazine.  Don’t scoff.  Teenagers have to get that out of their systems, to reduce the odds they’ll grow up to be flakey adults.

On Friday, I checked into a Bay View room with a balcony.  At the Hyatt Regency.  It was for only two nights, but I finally realized an ambition which was approximately forty-five years old.  Yes, I wanted to stay in a room at that hotel from the time I first saw the lobby.

The room was really nice, and I got to do neat things like solve the Saturday crossword and wash my hair.  I also turned on the television and found out what RT is.

Have you heard of RT?  It stands for Russian Television.  Google it.  You may not find too many flattering descriptions, but the channel is available on some Cable systems.  The U.S. newscast is delivered in English, and I suspect viewers aren’t supposed to know Russia has anything to do with it.

The view from the room balcony was more interesting than anything on television.  I took some photos with my smartphone, and shared them on social media.  Instagram users will click “Like” on almost any passable photo associated with San Francisco, as long as they don’t have to look at it on a large screen and see how blurry it really is.  On phone screens, pictures with few Pixels Per Inch (P.P.I.) can look pretty good.

Here are a few of them.  The photo of the Ferry Building (the one with the clock tower) was taken from a window in the common hallway of the hotel, and the spring flowers were photographed at nearby Embarcadero Center.  The others were taken from my balcony.

If you’re considering staying at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, be ready to budget carefully.  The hotel has a convenient food shop on the Lobby Level, but it’s expensive.  If you’re willing to step outside, you’ll find Subway Sandwiches, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Walgreens directly across from the hotel, on Drumm Street.  One way or another, fit some vegies into your diet during your stay.  The lobby food shop has premade salads, and there are also some salad bars in the general area.  The hotel is located at the East end of the Financial District, where some restaurants are closed on weekends.


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