Listening to Wise Dentists — and Teddy Bears

I found this on Twitter earlier today and decided to share it — on Twitter, and on the blog.

When sharing the post on Twitter, I may have made an understatement.  Often, it doesn’t take twenty or thirty years for the damage from toothcare neglect to show up.  That’s why dentists and dental hygienists encourage us to keep professional cleanings/exams on schedule, almost without exception.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with early stage gum disease after six years of semi-neglect (I was brushing and flossing, but hadn’t had a professional cleaning since 2003).  Some other people would have had a bigger problem after that period of time, depending on how much tartar they had, how well they were brushing and flossing, which products they were using, and maybe genes.

My gum disease has apparently been reversed, with possibly a small amount of permanent damage that hasn’t affected me much.  I’d be happier if it had never happened, though, and I’ll try not to think about how bad the situation would have become if I’d waited twenty years between dental visits.

Twitter username @Emergency_Teds is primarily an entertainment account, but the administrator also posts common sense advice about things we don’t always think about.  If you decide to take a look at the timeline, you may become fascinated with the adventures of Cuthbert Jacobs, a bear whose dietary impulses are rarely compatible with the efforts of his caregivers.  Humans everywhere have fallen into the same trap as Cuthbert, and maybe we’d better think about doing something about that.


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