Why Sinclair Broadcast Group Has so Much Power Now

You may have heard about the scripted message delivered recently on nearly all Sinclair-owned television stations.  It created a scandal, but like many scandals this one will probably be forgotten by most people.  It shouldn’t.

Sinclair Broadcast Group owns or operates either 170-odd or 190-odd television stations around the United States.  The number we hear depends on the source of information, and maybe some of those sources are including pending purchases or radio stations.  I’m unclear on that.

Sinclair is not a broadcast network.  The stations owned or operated by this company have different network affiliations, and some are listed as independent.  They’re on UHF as well as VHF dials.  Some Sinclair stations have a presence on Cable, including The Tennis Channel, which the company bought two years ago.

The issue here isn’t sports, though.  It’s news reporting on stations whose conservative ownership benefits from the FCC’s relaxed attitude toward antitrust issues.

Please click the link to this Think Progress article by Luke Barnes.  He describes what’s really happening while you’re falling asleep in front of the TV:


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