Amber Rudd Takes the Fall

Yesterday, Amber Rudd resigned as Home Secretary, due to the Windrush Scandal constituting a serious ethics violation in government, and the fact that the public has been lied to about the way immigration enforcement in the U.K. actually works.  Some people are questioning why Prime Minister Theresa May hasn’t turned in her resignation as well. I’m in the United States, and I’m recalling the Watergate Scandal of the 1970s.  Although President Richard Nixon did have to resign eventually, he received a pardon from his successor, Gerald Ford.  He didn’t experience the consequences that his subordinates suffered. The United States has … Continue reading Amber Rudd Takes the Fall

Bulimia in Men

Please click the link below to read an excellent article by Tom Pollock on The Guardian’s site, in which he identifies himself as someone we rarely hear about: a man with bulimia. Although there’s a legitimate concern about addictive foods, many eating disorders aren’t rooted in food.  Often, some type of personal issue gets the cycle started. Continue reading Bulimia in Men

New Robo Calls

The title of this blog post is a no brainer.  There are new recorded, mass telephone calls all the time.  Some are campaign-type messages, some are marketing and some are meant to get as much of your money as possible sent to a place where you’ll never recover it. Phone scams are often designed to cause you to panic, so your critical thinking skills go on the back burner.  The caller — live or recorded — will suggest you’re in trouble, and then provide instructions to help you get out of trouble.  In the United States, a popular racket involves … Continue reading New Robo Calls

What We Can Learn From the Cosby Tragedy

(Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on personal observations only.) Earlier today, we heard that former entertainment legend Bill Cosby was convicted of three felonies related to the sexual assault of Andrea Constand in Pennsylvania.  He has been accused of being a serial rapist. (Note: Ms. Constand has agreed to be identified publicly.) Sexual assault has something predictable in common with every other type of cruelty:  It’s an effort to gain control over one’s own life by creating out-of-control situations for others.  It’s an abuse of power, motivated by weakness … Continue reading What We Can Learn From the Cosby Tragedy

Stephen Fry’s Effort is Noble, but it Isn’t Stopping the Jokes

I’m in the United States, and recently the local indie bookseller — Alexander Book Company in San Francisco — had a hell of a time filling a special order I placed.  It wasn’t the first time.  I’ve burdened the staff with so many obscure book requests they must dread seeing me.  Still, most of them don’t run and hide when I walk in. I wanted the audiobook edition of Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry.  It had to be imported, but my pals at the bookstore got it for me. This audiobook has fourteen CDs.  Impressive. On Disc One, the … Continue reading Stephen Fry’s Effort is Noble, but it Isn’t Stopping the Jokes

Being Nagged Into Silence Makes Us Better People? NO!

Originally posted on helenchristiedotcom:
Here’s a link to an excellent opinion piece by Katie Edwards on The Guardian’s site.  Please note that she never suggests that women and girls should be locked up for their own protection.  She suggests societies have to stop protecting the assholes who abuse women and girls. ? Continue reading Being Nagged Into Silence Makes Us Better People? NO!