The Most Articulate Coming Out Ever

Disclaimer:  I’m partial to George Michael.  As if you didn’t know that. Some people say Mr. Michael was outed the day he was arrested leaving a park men’s room in Beverly Hills.  Actually, anyone who listened to GM’s fine music during the 1990s already knew the closet door in question was ajar, not closed.  The 1996 song Jesus to a Child was a tribute piece dedicated to Anselmo Feleppa, who, according to the booklet enclosed with the Older CD, “changed the way that I look at my life.” Prior to April 1998, the London tabloid media harassed George Michael relentlessly on … Continue reading The Most Articulate Coming Out Ever

Helping Neighbors

This is a post I found on Twitter this morning, and I know nothing about the motorist’s circumstances. There’s no excuse for anyone driving a car in this condition.  It’s an example of why we should be helpful with each other, though. If you have a neighbor who can’t deal with the aftermath of snowfall, you might be able to help.  Many people can’t shovel snow or remove it from a car, and not everyone can afford to pay a professional. It’s up to you to determine your own limits on assisting others.  Whether you allow someone to park in … Continue reading Helping Neighbors

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Responsibly

We can always talk about moderation, but personally I’ve given up on the possibility that people will listen.  If they’re inclined to overdo something, they’ll probably act on the impulse toward excess.  Good judgment rarely beats instant gratification. That said, here’s a warning from the teddy bear peace officer community in the United Kingdom.  It’s a screenshot of a Twitter retweet, with my own plea for common sense added.  If you’d like to see the original tweet in its entirety, check out @Emergency_Teds on Twitter. Plush animals are among society’s most responsible citizens, so it disappoints me to see how … Continue reading Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Responsibly

Some Taxes Aren’t as Big a Hardship as You Think

I don’t recall which year merchants began charging for paper or reusable plastic bags in San Francisco.  It may have been in 2012. I was already in the habit of bringing my own bag to the store, so I found it easy to adjust. Not everyone has the advantage of finding time to focus on those details, though.  It seems unlikely anyone who is grocery shopping with a van full of kids will remember to load bags into the van before leaving the house.  So, the parent who has to look for bargains on groceries to feed a large family … Continue reading Some Taxes Aren’t as Big a Hardship as You Think

Exploiting the Bereaved

If you’ve ever received an odd telephone call shortly after a loved one’s passing, you may have heard from a con artist who takes advantage of people who are in mourning. Please take a look at Sid Kirchheimer’s article in the current (March) issue of AARP Bulletin.  He describes some of the common tactics used by dishonest people to exploit a person’s death, and offers advice on how to avoid being taken advantage of if your family is targeted that way: Continue reading Exploiting the Bereaved