Let’s Hope This is as Good as it Sounds

At the end of this post, please find a link to an article posted today on The Guardian’s site.

Until recently, Theresa May preferred to avoid saying too much about National Health Service (N.H.S.) England funding because her party was avoiding saying too much.  Pressure from Jeremy Corbyn and quite a few other people — including the general public — may be working, though.

Lack of N.H.S. funding has been fatal to some patients.  There’s no way around resolving the problem, especially with baby boomers getting older.  Don’t scapegoat immigrants.  More people are needing more care, regardless.

It’s the same in the United States.  So, what about Medicare for all?

Here’s a “minor detail” we have to consider any time we hear a promise to pay for government funded services:  Who pays for it?  Only people who can afford higher taxes should be expected to pay them.

Large corporations are among the parties who can afford higher taxes.

Political clout usually results in tax relief for individuals and businesses who are most able to finance services for the public.  Are Theresa May and her political associates ready to deal with this realistically and demand that people who easily “go private” with their own care begin contributing more to the N.H.S?

Forget Donald Trump and his Republican majority in the U.S. Congress.  Presently, they’re dismantling the progress the Obama Administration made in healthcare.  Maybe if Mrs. May and enough Members of Parliament will work to bring about an improvement — without overburdening the poor and middle class — Americans will see an example to follow and they will insist on electing public officials who listen.

Here’s the link to the Guardian article.


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