The Most Articulate Coming Out Ever

Disclaimer:  I’m partial to George Michael.  As if you didn’t know that.

Some people say Mr. Michael was outed the day he was arrested leaving a park men’s room in Beverly Hills.  Actually, anyone who listened to GM’s fine music during the 1990s already knew the closet door in question was ajar, not closed.  The 1996 song Jesus to a Child was a tribute piece dedicated to Anselmo Feleppa, who, according to the booklet enclosed with the Older CD, “changed the way that I look at my life.”

Prior to April 1998, the London tabloid media harassed George Michael relentlessly on the sexual orientation issue, and circulated rumors to keep the public curiosity going full-blast.  GM didn’t spend that time adamantly denying he was gay.  He preferred not to encourage inordinate attention on the topic, either by coming out or by pretending to be heterosexual.  He followed a normal routine and vented his creativity in music written about relationships with men.

Let’s hope these cat-and-mouse games between the media and LGBT celebrities are less common in the future.  When our society finally makes enough progress that we outgrow the shocked reactions to someone coming out, there will be less motivation for the cat-and-mouse stuff.  Then we can focus on the more important business of deciding which Kardashian to elect President.

Here’s a brief CNN interview conducted by Jim Moret in 1998, three days after the Beverly Hills arrest:

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