Just so ya Know

My 2015 novella, Petra, is available free of charge on Kindle today and tomorrow.  The price returns to 99 cents (USD) after 11:59 p.m. (PDT) Monday, March 12.

You don’t need a Kindle device to read the e-books available through Amazon’s site.  A free Kindle app is compatible with most electronic devices.

I’ve self-published several e-books since this one, and exert effort to promote each book the way all low-profile authors make the effort.  I’m grateful for the internet, which makes self-publishing and promotion easier than they used to be.

A link appears at the end of this post.  The Kindle page introduction and a short excerpt can be read free of charge.

In this instance, Petra is a woman’s name.  The novella is set in New York City, and includes mystery, suspense, romance and interesting characterizations.  It can be read as character study or entertainment.

The story offers realistic depictions of some life situations, although I’ll admit I had to “wing it” with the performing arts passages because I’m not a professional dancer.  Personally, I am pleased with the way dance-related metaphors work in this story, so please be patient with any technical errors.

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