George Michael: An Appreciation

About a year ago, I decided to write an essay on the late George Michael’s life and work.  I thought I already knew quite a bit, and expected the research and writing to last about two months.

It’s a good thing there was no publishing contract with a deadline.  I live in the United States, and didn’t realize how much of GM’s work was released without being promoted here.  To produce a well-informed essay, I needed a year to complete it.

I bought CDs I didn’t previously know existed, and looked a lot more closely than expected at music videos on YouTube and DVD.  I was also overwhelmed by the proverbial avalanche of broadcast interviews that have been saved on the internet.

In the end, the essay was about four thousand words long — brief, compared to what I read, viewed and listened to while preparing to write.

The essay is available in all Kindle markets as an e-book, priced at 99 cents (USD).  A preview can be read free of charge on Kindle’s site.  The Kindle app can be installed on most electronic devices, so you don’t need to own a Kindle reader.

Although salacious claims are excluded from George Michael: An Appreciation, there are references to a 1998 arrest in Beverly Hills which caused embarrassment to Mr. Michael.  That incident resulted in some brilliant creative work, and certain aspects of his misfortune shouldn’t be forgotten because they reflect the way public figures are treated.  According to Mr. Michael (during an interview on Parkinson later that year), the public safety was put at risk by entertainment reporters the day after the arrest, when they followed him in their cars.

If you enjoy GM’s music but haven’t given it much thought, maybe you should listen more closely.  I hope George Michael: An Appreciation will offer encouragement by calling attention to the best of Mr. Michael’s work, with appropriate background.  Although he was usually referred to as a pop singer, that label comes nowhere near describing the depth of the real artist he was.

Please forgive the generic book cover.  Care was used not to “borrow” protected material, so there are no photographs of George Michael in this book.

Portions of this essay have appeared in a previous post, titled George Michæl Symphonica CD (A Review, With Oodles of Background Info).

A link to the Amazon page where you can find this e-book appears below.

George Michael: An Appreciation  © 2017, 2018 by Ann Mason, a.k.a. Helen Christie.

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