It’s Easy to Take From Others When You are Incapable of Empathy

Predictably, the poor will suffer the worst under Donald Trump’s planned budget cuts.  National austerity policies do further damage to strained economies, but the only wealthy people who can see that are individuals who have personally learned how to survive outside the Privilege Bubble.

Okay, Donald Trump is more bizarre than most rich people, but you get the idea.

Sometimes the Republican types who make me angriest are working people who are having trouble getting by.  They haven’t reached the point of applying for food stamps or Medicaid, so they brag that they bust their respective asses to make ends meet.  They believe it’s unfair for government programs to help anyone who can’t quite manage it.  Just wait until one of those self-righteous types you’ve met becomes ill, is evicted or is laid off from his/her job.  It happens.

Please read this article in The Guardian for perspective.  The staff of that paper has researched the cause-and-effect situations which have already become obvious in the State of Kansas.

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