Seek the Truth Only

At the end of this post is a link to a CBS News story shared on MSN’s site.

Actress Natalie Wood died in an apparent accidental drowning in 1981.  Since then, there have been questions about her death, and the investigation was reopened in 2012.

Right now, we’re hearing about powerful men doing horrible things to women (and a few men, and children), and we know it’s unlikely those men will be held accountable.

The timing of this news story is disturbing, only because the public is mad as hell about men in the performing arts getting away with unspeakable crimes.  If Natalie Wood died because of violence — which is a possibility the investigators are looking at — the person who did that shouldn’t walk away any more than (fill in the blank) should be able to walk away after committing rape.

It’s unlikely Robert Wagner has real power in Hollywood anymore.  Is he easy to prosecute now?

Some men in Hollywood are exempt from prosecution because they know other people’s secrets.  Whether someone stays out of Superior Court isn’t always determined by that person’s behavior.  Sometimes it’s determined by how well that person’s status intimidates others.

If a criminal act was involved in Natalie Wood’s death, no guilty person should be able to walk away from that — even after thirty-seven years.  However, if her death was due to an accident caused by her own drinking, people must accept that.  Her husband, if he is innocent, should not be thrown under the proverbial bus to compensate for men who commit horrific assaults, then smirk and feel confident they can go on with their lives unscathed.


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