U.S. Government Shutdown

Just a few minutes ago, I found some excellent commentary by Richard Wolffe on The Guardian’s site.  Please take a look at it.  Mr. Wolffe has some perceptive things to say about so-called principled Republicans who are scapegoating Democrats for this mess. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jan/20/with-government-shutdown-republicans-reap-what-they-sow?CMP=share_btn_fb Continue reading U.S. Government Shutdown

Why am I Still Giggling Like a Child?

Circa 1970, a commercial for a medicinal skin care product made a reference to “the heartbreak of Psoriasis.” I was roughly ten years old then, and found it so ludicrous I had to laugh.  I didn’t want to ridicule anyone’s suffering, but that heartbreak stuff was just too much.  You were heartbroken when something happened in your personal life, not your health.  The man who did the voiceover in the commercial sounded so sincere, too. Two months ago, I was diagnosed with Psoriasis at the age of fifty-seven.  Shit. I don’t find this heartbreaking.  It’s annoying, unsettling and relatively disgusting.  … Continue reading Why am I Still Giggling Like a Child?

When Prosecutors Don’t Protect the Public

Prosecuting attorneys like to think of themselves as victim advocates.  They see the worst society has to offer, and they’re proud of being in the role of protectors who keep monsters away from vulnerable people. Unfortunately, closing the file on a case is such a high priority that some prosecutors — like some ambitious police detectives — will look the other way when something doesn’t fit. In 1989, a brutal attack on a New York woman in Central Park enraged the public.  The media referred to the near-fatal assault as The Central Park Jogger Case, and the N.Y.P.D. and Manhattan … Continue reading When Prosecutors Don’t Protect the Public

The Climate Situation is Dire, so Don’t Ignore it

Please click the links below to read about the effects of current freezing temperatures in Siberia and the United States. Global Warming is real, but the name can be misleading (there really have been increases in the temperature of the planet itself, though).  The process affects weather in different ways, and can result in extremes we don’t expect if we’re focused on the name alone.  It’s likely the nightmare freezes, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, etc. we hear about are caused by the abuse humans have inflicted on the environment.  The problem isn’t limited to heat waves, which are threatening enough. Face … Continue reading The Climate Situation is Dire, so Don’t Ignore it

The Financial Strain on N.H.S. Hospitals is Life-Threatening

Last February, Bethany Shipsey died of an apparent overdose of diet pills in the Accident and Emergency Department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester, England, U.K.  The Coroner has not yet released a full conclusion to the investigation, but an announcement is expected next month. For years, we’ve heard about the tax burden on the wealthy in the U.K. being eased during the Nineteen-Eighties, as well as the consequences for the general population.  Today, Steve Morris, a journalist with The Guardian, posted a report on the death of a patient last year in an N.H.S. Trust hospital.  It seems likely Bethany Shipsey’s death … Continue reading The Financial Strain on N.H.S. Hospitals is Life-Threatening

Listen to Pat Kiernan, and Then Make up Your Mind

I promise this will be the last thing I post today — unless I think of something else.  Whatever. NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan has presented a strong argument in favor of not repeating the derogatory term used this past week by Donald Trump in referring to the African Continent and Haiti — as well as immigrants from those regions. By now, we’ve already heard the term.  At first, there was a good reason for news outlets to set aside the prohibition on the word shit, to make it clear how blatant the President (sic) had been in denigrating other countries and cultures.  … Continue reading Listen to Pat Kiernan, and Then Make up Your Mind