When Hotels Disappoint

Please don’t accuse Dave Hill — or me — of overstating the crisis.

Rest assured, we’re all strong enough to handle this.  Perspective is absolutely essential, though.

Regardless of how bad this gets, remember that the heroes who help us navigate the confusion and disillusionment of travel are not to blame.  Policy decisions are made by cowards who never show their faces in the hallways, guest elevators or restaurants of hotels.

The employees we see during our stay are suffering as much as the rest of us.  Some of them may be suffering more, if a guest causes damage or in general behaves like a jerk.  Yes, sometimes we are those monsters.

Be courteous.  Leave a tip.  Don’t flush too much paper at once.  And for goodness sake, don’t complain about the complimentary Continental Breakfast — unless they fail to offer free clam chowder to soften the stale doughnuts.



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