Listen to Pat Kiernan, and Then Make up Your Mind

I promise this will be the last thing I post today — unless I think of something else.  Whatever.

NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan has presented a strong argument in favor of not repeating the derogatory term used this past week by Donald Trump in referring to the African Continent and Haiti — as well as immigrants from those regions.

By now, we’ve already heard the term.  At first, there was a good reason for news outlets to set aside the prohibition on the word shit, to make it clear how blatant the President (sic) had been in denigrating other countries and cultures.  The remark, when made by Trump, constituted an international incident.

As embarrassing as it was to our own country, we can feel proud the embarrassment wasn’t covered up or ignored by Americans.  Many people used social media to express outrage, and unfortunately some also used social media to show support for hate language.  In the end, the people who objected expressed themselves well and demonstrated that hostile generalizations degrade everyone concerned.

While it’s important for us to be aware that our Head of State is willing to insult entire segments of the world population, we have no compelling reason to repeat a particular slur after an incident has become common knowledge.

I’m bisexual, and grew up hearing the sort of language which served as a personal insult.  It’s important to me that people know those words, so they (might) understand what I experienced.  However, I don’t want to hear that crap thrown around casually after the point has been made.

Here’s the NY1 page with video of Pat Kiernan’s January 12 commentary:

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